Bred by Us...Owned by Others...


AM/CAN CH Sedgehaven John Brown 

Sophie's brother, 'John'






Melissa (red collar) and Barnes (blue collar)

...Sarah x Martin Puppies Owned by George and Eleanor Bell




...a Sophie x Moon Puppy Owned by Pam Herring



...a Jetta x Tommey Puppy Owned by the Miller Family



...a Sarah x Tommey Puppy Owned by Ron and Janet Roll

(photo at 5 months of age)



...a Sophie x Study Puppy Owned by Nick and Kristen Bovid

(photos above and below)







...a Sarah x Martin Puppy Owned by Nick and Kristen Bovid

(photos above)


A Jetta x Tommey Boy Owned by Jeremy and Katie Buzzard

Maggie and Rocky

...Sarah x Doc Puppies Owned by Don and Katherine Kadyk

(photo at 1 year of age)

Moses...aka 'Mosie'

...a Sarah x Tommey Puppy Owned by Barbara Tedder

shown with his Cocker Spaniel brother, 'Junior'



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